Employee Wellness Services

Our employee wellness programs are primarily centered on EAP’s (Employee assistance programs) which concentrate on the mental health and wellbeing of your employees. These include employee support interventions such as:

Onsite trauma counselling services

Should there be a fatal incident at work which was witnessed by your employees; we dispatch our highly trained and accredited counselors to give them the relevant counselling needed to get ready for work again. This is done in a group and feedback is given should some employees require further one on one sessions. NB: Search out trauma counselling services page to see what type of trauma counselling we offer.

One on one counselling services

Should there be an employee that has not been working efficiently at work and you believe they require the relevant counselling to increase their productivity; our tailor made employee support structure will ensure we get to the core of their unproductivity and work through the issue with them to get them back on their feet. This service includes:

  • Substance abuse and addiction counselling
  • Bereavement therapy
  • Anger management therapy
  • Situational depression therapy